Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best part of parent teacher conferences

was learning how much Daron loves his baby sister when we heard about it from his teacher- Mrs. - totally forgot her name right now.

Both boys had stellar reports, and Ian's shining moment was an E- in self control - he and Uri G apparently cut it up a bit during class, which made his teacher proud.

Both had reports of being very bright, great students, well behaved and good with their peers. WHat could be better.

This shabbos, Ian had Yoni Zirman over. Big boy, 5"2 0 really nice - great house guest, sweet, smart, kind, funny. Yoni Ginsberg (who still can't say "r" and Isaac Zaken came over in the afternoon. Dorothy was confused when GInsberg asked for "wataw"

Stella is fantastic- Stell Bells is a new version - and Ian calls her "Smella" - they are all so funny with her and she adores each one. SHe is still army crawling but also up on all fours and taking crawl steps. Had to lower her crib mattress. She is still sweet, super sweet - loves eating enjoys watching her brothers play sports (both hockey and basketball championships) and still nursing.

Dorothy is a panic. I dont use that word but she just is - she is amazing, interesting, full of energy and adorable at the same time.

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